Friday, August 10, 2007

Isabel loves her maté

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love maté. It's an Argentine drink. I promise it's not drugs and is not against "the word of wisdom". I drink it with my parents ay least once a day, if not twice. Ever since Isabel has been able to ... well, since her birth really .... she has been interested in maté. We always would share with her, but she could not figure out how to suck it through the straw. Well, this week is monumental - she learned to suck! She is a maté drinking machine. She loves the stuff! So know whenever we have a maté she has to have a sip of everyones or she freaks out. She is so cute. I think Ryan is a little worried about her being addicted. I'm not sure why he thinks it may be addicting, I only need it 2 times a day to function. Just kidding. Things are good here in maté land.