Sunday, March 15, 2015

San Fran sisters trip

Last week I went on the best trip. All my sisters and I went to San Francisco for four days. Here is a quick over view of what we did each day:
Day 1: Chinatown, the palace of fine arts, the Golden Gate Bridge. This was so fun. We walked around the city, ate Chinese food, and saw the beautiful architecture at the palace of fine arts.
Day 2: Muir Woods and Sausalito. I've been there many times, but this time was the best. We went on the trails off the main paths. It was a great hike and so peaceful. Sausalito was a fun city to walk around. It's right on the coast and had a really casual feel to it.
Day 3: the Marin headlands. This was such a cool place. It looked like scenes out of an apocalyptic movie. They are old bunkers and kind of ruins from ww1 and ww2. They were so neat. We hiked around them. We also went to the lighthouse there. It was amazing. I loved it!
Day 4: church and Oakland temple. This was so nice. After sacrament meeting we went to the Oakland temple visitors center and watched the movie meet the Mormons. It was very moving and inspirational. 
This was a really great trip. I love my sisters and I am so grateful we do these trips!!