Monday, October 18, 2010

Yellowstone and Jackson

Over the weekend we went to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone with Ryan's parents and brother. It was a fun trip. I had only been to Yellowstone once before when I was about 13, so I did not remember much. It was great to be outside and see such amazing things. Yellowstone is such an interesting place. We all commented many times that the early explorers must have thought that the gates of hell where here. It is such an unbelievable place. I really loved it! It was beautiful and wonderous.
Usually Lucy was in the stroller, but we were doing some hiking and could not take the stroller so I carried her. It was quite the work out, carrying 25 lbs in a baby bjorn. I think she might be a little too big for it. She liked it though.

There was a huge herd of bison on the side of the road. They are so big! They just do whatever they want there. There was one just standing in the road.

Lucy was way more interested in the box of raisins than she was in Old Faithful.

Isabel with Old Faithful going off. It was just as cool as I remember it being.

Isabel loved it here. As I am typing this she keeps saying she wants to go back to the volcano place with all the mud and steam. She's a funny girl!
Lucy in the stroller. What a life.

Ryan pushing the girls and the boardwalk through the hot spots. It was really amazing.

The famous elk arches in Jackson Hole. We didn't spent too much time in Jackson, but it was fun. Isabel loved touching the "bone caves" as she called it.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Marathon Anyone?

Let me start by saying, "No". I will not be doing a marathon. Marathons are for crazy people, no offense to you out there who do them. I can't imagine running that far. However, a marathon relay is right up my alley. So I have registered myself and my siblings for the Ogden Marathon Relay on May 21st of next year. I am so excited. I will be running 5 miles for the relay and I ahve to say I am a little nervous about it already. I have never run more than 2.5 miles. I have 6 months to get ready though. It's going to be fun!?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Boo is 4

I can't believe that my baby is 4 years old. It seems like not that long ago I found out that I was pregnant with her and now 4 years (and 9 months) later here we are.
For her birthday we went to Boondocks to have some fun. Here are the highlights:
Isabel bowling, This was the first time she has bowled and she loved it.
Here we are on the bumper boats. We got really wet, but it was so much fun.

You can barely see Isabel, but she is in the go-kart with Ryan. She loved this! She also did this with me. It was super fun!

For her birthday Ryan and I got her a bike. She loves it!! I knew she would love it, but I think she would sleep on it if I let her.

We did birthday breakfast. Candle in a waffle. This was fun and I think we'll do it every year.