Sunday, March 30, 2008

What I Ate Today

I have not been great at advertising this, but I want you all to check out my newest blog. My sister, Emily, and I have started posting what we make. I love it. It is so fun to see what she is eating and get the recipe. So, check it out. The blog site is listed to the right, or you can go to
happy eating!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ode to Emily - Happy Birthday

So, I'm totally going to copy Emily on this one, but I thought it was so nice. So, here we go..... Emily is turning 30 tomorrow and here are 30 reasons why I love Emily:
1. She was always a nice big sister growing up.
2. Even though all my friends liked her better than me, she always hung out with me with or without them.
3. She is so pretty, I always compared myself to her and wished I looked like her.
4. She is such a fun aunt to Isabel.
5. I love that she is super dramatic. It's always a good laugh when Emily is around.
6. She loves to sing when anyone will play the piano for her. I love to do this with her.
7. She has an amazing singing voice. There again, I was always wishing I could sing like her.
8. She is such a cute mom. I think her kids are so cute because she is so cute.
9. She was brave enough to not follow the family trend and not go on a mission. I was such a leming (just kidding).
10. She is so dang creative. She makes the most amazing gift cards.
11. She is a really good cook. Everytime I eat with her, it's always yummy.
12. She is adventurous. She is always up for a good adventure.
13. Speaking of that, she climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. I wish that I had done it with her. It is a regret of mine. I really admire her for doing it.
14. She is such a faithful member of the church. She goes to the temple regularly and everything!
15. She gives the best advice - everything from babies to clothes.
16. Speaking of clothes, she is so fashionable. I sometims try to mimic her outfits.
17. She is so much fun to hang out with, even if it's just sitting on the couch together.
18. She decorates her house so nice. I am always amazed with how good everything in her house looks. I suck at decorating.
19. She can't tell a joke. Eh Piere!? Okay, so she's getting better, but lets not push it.
20. She taught me how to wear make-up (in college).
21. She informed me that shaving your legs requires soap and water. Dry shaving is never a good idea, even if you've done it for about a year.
22. She did my make-up for me on my wedding day and didn't make me look like a hooker (I was worried, I don't wear much make-up).
23. She finds the best deals while shopping. She can sniff out a sale. She's a savy shopper.
24. She is a fellow blogger. Even though I see her often, I love seeing pictures of her and the kids regularly.
25. She always loves me. She has always supported me and loved me no matter how dumb of a decision I've made.
26. She can make anyone smile. She lights up a room when entering it. Everyone loves to be around Emily.
27. She taught me how to do my hair. I still struggle with this one. I wish my hair was as pretty as hers.
28. She was a great example to me growing up. My teachers would always compare me to her, but it only motivated me to be better (like her).
29. She married a great guy. I love being around them. They are a fun couple to hang out with. Scott is such a nice guy.
30. I don't think I could live without her. I've been all around the world with her. She knows me better than anyone else. When she lived in Seattle I called her all the time. I missed her so much.
P.S. If Ryan and I die, I want Emily to raise Isabel. That's how much I love Emily.
I love you Emily - Happy Birthday!

Yep, I'd be dead

I think the chance of me crashing on the moon is about .001%, so I feel pretty good about my results.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008



This is what happens when you "Blog Surf", you come accross weird quizzes. I think I wouldn't last 2 minutes if zombies were out to get me.

Monday, March 3, 2008

My Birthday, February 26th

First off, let me just say thanks to the 3 people that remembered my birthday. I mean didn't you all get the memo, it's practically a national holiday. I don't even think the mail comes on that day, everything shuts down just for me. Just kidding! I was actually moving on my birthday, however FYI I got a Wii for the big day. Technically it was a gift from Ryan, but I found it and bought it myself. So, thanks a lot honey. It was a fun birthday, actually it was just another day. Getting old blows!