Monday, November 15, 2010


On Saturday I did my triathlon and it went great! Okay, maybe not great, but good. I did not win (I never really hoped for that), but I did not come in last either. I finished in a decent time (1 hour 6 minutes) and was really pleased with myself.
Here I am before the event being..... me (a little goofy). The swim portion. I did great this portion of the race. My swim only took me 5 minutes 30 seconds.
My transition after the swim.

Coming back from the bike. As you can tell from my face, it was hard. The bike was mostly uphill. It was difficult and I was so exhausted after riding. My calves were like rocks.

Coming over the finish line. I'm smiling because it's over. The run was not hilly or really even that hard, but because my calves were like rocks (literally) I could barely walk the first half of the run. My run was really slow, but I was able to run the last half of the run.
I did the race with my best friend Leslie. She did so awesome! She places 2nd in our age group and 7th over-all for the women. She did great! It was fun doing it with someone.