Friday, September 21, 2007

Grandma Dearie

The other day we went to visit dear OLD
Grandma Dearie. It was really nice to see her. She's practically a new person. This summer she's had 3 eye surgeries and has seen the dentist about 4 times, and still has upcoming appointments. She is getting a make-over inside and out. Even though she's getting older, it was fun to see her. Isabel wanted nothing to do with her (as you can tell from the photo). When I tried to get Isabel to sit on her lap, there was serious protesting. Oh well, what can you do about that? Anyways, it was great to see our Grandma. She is doing great. We love her.

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Loughmiller's said...

You are looking great! It is fun to see new pictures of Isabel. She is growing up. It is crazy how fast they grow.