Thursday, January 15, 2009

The year of Independence!

I have officially declared 2009 the year of independence for Isabel. We have three goals this year:

1. No more binkeys.

2. Potty Training - no more diapers

3. Quit whinning!

So here is our progress as of today:
1. Today all her binkeys broke (aka. I cut off all the tips). She has been crying all day and I have a headache. She didn't take a nap because of all the crying. I am really hoping she sleeps tonight. All day she's been asking me to call daddy and tell him about the binkey. She then says, "dadda fix Boo Boo's binkey". (for you who don't know Boo Boo is her nickname and she calls herself that. So, I am really hoping it only takes a few days to get over this crying over the binkey thing. I'm already tired of it.

2. She does not like do her business on the toilet, however, she does keep her panties dry. About 2 weeks ago she pooped in her Ariel panties. She was so upset about it, but since then her panties have stayed dry. The past few days she has not worn them. In the mornings when we get dressed I give her the option panties or diaper. I am really hoping she gets this faster rather than slower. She just hates the toilet.

3. The whinning is killing me! She whinnes all day long. So, now if she whinnes I turn off her movie or her musics or take away her snack, etc. Then I ask her, "are you going to keep whinning?" She sometimes says "no". I am working on this one, I feel it's going to be an uphill battle.

On a side not Isabel learned about sissors and decded to take chunks out of her hair. He hair was in a pig tail so the short pieces are layered throughout her hair when it's down. Here is a shot of a chunk missing.


erika said...

Oh, my worst girls getting a hold of the scissors! I am like a Nazi with them...whenever Todd has them I hover over him until he is done using them to make sure they get put back up. I'm sure it drives him crazy.
Nice job on all of your new goals! For me the key has been to stick to my guns no matter how bad my head hurts. Isabel will be tired enough tonight that she will sleep tonight. Although with potty training that just comes on its own I guess (good luck!)
Are you guys in your parents house? I sent you a Christmas card but it got sent back to me. Do you want me to send it to your new address?

DeLong Family Members: said...

Now you know why I look forward to April more two-year-old.

Ryan and Renee said...

She is over her binkey! It only took one full day of crying. Now onto the potty training.

marian said...

yea, good luck with that! Being a big girl can be so hard!