Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Snow Days

So, it's winter time and that usually means snow, however, it does not mean 2 feet of snow in one day. It started snowing last night and is still snowing (it's almost 4pm). We have shoveled our driveway twice today and each time it was more that a foot of snow. It is crazy! I love the snow, but give me a break. I think we might be out of the draught in Utah after this storm. Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!


Nicholas and Ashley said...

Renee this is ashley (meigs) I saw your name on Rachels's and clicked over to find your blog!! Your little girl is sure cute. I can't believe how fast she grew up. It barely seemed like Jess was telling me that you were pregnant. We also couldn't beleive how much snow there was. Are you guy in ogden too.

Loughmiller's said...

I can't believe all that snow. I was missing the snow until I took my kids on a walk today in 55 degree weather. I will gladly give it up for sunshine and a good walk without coats.

Jonathan & Rachel said...

OH WOW!!! How fun! Enjoy it now because in a few weeks it turns to grey ice-which is what I don't like. It looks so beautiful-makes me miss all the snow!