Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Last night I was talking to Ryan and telling him that I have lost some of my motivation. I am working out everyday, but not losing weight. It's discouraging. So, I said to Ryan, "I need motivation in order to lose the weight." So, we made a deal. If I reach my goals; lose 30 lbs and run a 5K; Ryan will take me and the girls to Disneyland. Have I mentioned that I LOVE DISNEYLAND? Well, I do. It was just the incentive I needed.

p.s. for all you who want to run the 5K with me, I will either be doing the one in Springville in June or the one in South Weber in August. I am not sure which one. It will depend on how the weight lose is going and if I can run when the time comes. We shall see. I will let you know.


Jeanne and Nelson said...

I wonder if Uncle Nelson would take me to Disneyland if I lost 30 Lbs.

Josh and Britany said...

i will run the one in South Weber with you!