Friday, January 29, 2010

What have we been up to?

I've haven't posted anything intersting in a long time, and I am sorry to say...... this will not be any different. My parents are in Guam and don't get to see my kids, so I am mostly posting this for them. I lead a super boring life, so I rarely have any fun or exciting news. Here is what my life consists of:
This is a funny story. We have really high ceilings in our main living room and we hadn't taken the dust protestor off the smoke alarm. Well, we were having people over, so Ryan decided to try to get it off. He was successful and then he thought it would be funny to tell Isabel that it's a little hat for her. She wore than on her head then entire evening. I threw it away that night when she was sleeping and the next day she was very upset when I told her that it got thrown away.The other day Isabel wanted to have a picnic. She set this up all by herself. If you look closely you'll see Gary (Spongebob's pet snail) with the yellow teacup, a person photo (it's a picture of her) with the blue teacup, and Isabel with the pink teacup. On a side note, Isabel's favorite snack: I giant plain cold tortilla - she's weird!I love this picture of Lucy. She is such a nice baby. She doesn't do much, just kicks and loves her rattles. I could kiss this baby all day long, if only I didn't have so much laundry and house work, shucks!In Lucy news, I gave her rice cereal this week to see if she liked it. Her face says it all, "What the heck have you just put in my mouth lady?" She ate a few bites, but was so confused while eating. We tried again the other day and got the same response. She'll love it in a few weeks.This is my favorite! I was doing laundry the other day and when I was all done Isabel asked if she could play in the basket. I told her yes and she immediately made herself a bed in the basket. She played in the basket all day (like 6 hours), it was great entertainment. After I fed Lucy, Isabel asked if Lucy wanted to snuggle with her in the basket. So, I put Lucy in and they snuggled. Lucy loves Isabel and vice versa. They are so cute.


marian said...

Don't you LOVE kids that can be creative and keep themselves busy? It is a blessing.

DeLong Family Members: said...

I love these pictures, especially Lucy's face in the basket with Isabel. How cute is that!! MOM

Angela said...

Your girls are such dolls.
Emersyn is more or less tolerating her cereal too - she SO prefers her milk.