Friday, May 23, 2008

Party for all you Ladies!

These are some of the chore cards and the chore boards, they are super cute!

My sister Michelle started a business called "Soap Star Mom" and I am having a party with her stuff. She does these really cute chore boards that come custom with your kids names and then really cute chore cards. I love them! She has been using them with her kids and they work great. They even work for kids who cannot read because they all have pictures on them. She also sells the cutest aprons ever! The aprons are made for adults and kids. Isabel has an apron and she just loves it! It's cute.

So, mark your calendars ladies: June 11th at 7pm. The party will only last 1 hour, unless you want to stay longer.... I will be making some really yummy treats too, so if you just need a night out aways from the kids, come and eat some treats. It is going to be fun, after all it is at my house. If you need my address or directions, please let me know. Please come, it will be fun!!

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