Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yougurt Bath

For an afternoon snack Isabel had yougurt. I gave her the yougurt and began working on dinner. Usually she eats is all and doesn't make a very big mess. Well, while I was chopping and cooking, I noticed that there was a little giggling coming from Isabel. I turned and looked and found her rubbing the yougurt all over herself. She was rubbing it on her cheeks, in her hair, on her arms, everywhere. She kept saying "lotion mom". I said, "no Isabel it's food, not lotion", but she insisted it was lotion. I think I might have to cut down on the lotion and focus on the eating from now on. So, I stripped her down and got her cleaned up. Because I was in the middle of fixing dinner, she got a kitchen sink bath. She loves to bathe in the kitchen because then she gets to be with me. She is such a funny kid.

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Emily, etc, etc said...

So funny. You never know, maybe yogurt is a better alternative to lotion!!