Friday, November 18, 2011

Goodbye Good Friend

So this week has been a little emotional around our house. Our dog Ollie is so cute and we love him. As I have posted in the past, Ollie is deaf and has been extremely hard to train. Well, since we have had him not only is he been hard to train and been rough around the kids, he has destroyed many things around the house. He has eaten one of the girls bikes (literally), my beautiful Indian doll from India, my porch swing cushion, many of the girls toys, the cord on our electric heater, and many more things. It has been a real frustration and Ryan and I were feeling like things would never change. This week Ryan decided to talk to the lady we bought him from and see if there were any options available. She was so nice about it and offered to take him back and give us a full refund. It was so generous of her. So, yesterday we took Ollie back to her. She has a sister with a deaf dog and has offered to take Ollie. I was really sad to see him go despite all the costs and damage he has caused us. Isabel cried when we had to say goodbye. We told her that maybe someday we can get another dog. I think it was the best decision for everyone, but I feel a little guilty. We loved Ollie, but he will be happier with another dog and an owner who knows how to train a deaf dog. What a bummer, right?

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Callie said...

Man, what a stinker chewing up all your things! I would have given him back too!

And hey, I'm so glad you made those dolls. They are darling! (Way cuter than mine!) I didn't think anyone still looked at that blog, maybe I'll have to update! You'll have to post the other things you're making.