Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Life is a Rollercoaster

So, some of you may have heard about my parents..... they are moving to Guam. My dad's job (which had us living in Africa), has asked him to work in Guam for the next 2 years. What does that mean for me? Well, here it goes.....
1. I will be lonely. I go to my mom's house every day, so with them gone that mean lots of alone time for me. Think of all the journal entries I could write - yeah, that will never happen.
2. They don't want their house empty, so they have asked Ryan and I to take care of it. By take care of it I mean move into it. So, I've lived in my brand new house for 5 weeks and now we are selling it. I have some mixed feelings about this. Living morgage free for 2 years would be great, but I love this house and I just finished unpacking last week. So, we are moving. I've listed the house with (it's under "Great Deal in West Haven"). We are getting a sign for the front yard this week. I don't want to tell my neighbors, I really like them.
3. If we sell the house Ryan will go to school full time and I will work part time. I already work a little doing life insurance exams, but I will work more if all this pans out. It would be really nice to get Ryan through school and done.
4. a very large headache. I hate packing, but I hate being poor even more.
I have coem to realize that prayers are not answered in the way we expect. For months I have been praying for help finacially. I was hoping for a big bag of money to drop from the sky, but instead my parents are moving to Guam. Heavenly Father did answer my pray, just in a weird way. So, goodbye house and hello South Weber, again.


Unknown said...

I've learned over and over that the answers we want are not always the answers we get. Acceptance is sometimes hard!
Take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to get Ryan through school and on the road to a career he'll be happy with. And being mortgage free? It doesn't get much better than that.
As for loneliness, have a little faith in yourself that you will make wonderful friends who will fill the void of your parents leaving. You are an amazing person!

DeLong Family Members: said...

Loneliness can be overcome...I'm practically right next door if you don't mind the drive across Nevada. See you then!

Erika said...

I've wondered what the whole story was with you moving into your parents house. You are going to love not having a mortgage. I'm so jealous. And HF does work in mysterious ways, doesn't He? :)